Filtering Extravaganza!

For our next PDX DITA meeting, we are inviting attendees to bring in and show their filtering madness. Fun, right? If you don’t know what filtering is, this would be a perfect opportunity to pick the brains of local practitioners to see what and how we’re doing with filters.

We’d like to know:

  • How many topics do you have?
  • How many help sets do you deliver from those topics?
  • How many filter attributes do you use for those help sets?
  • What kinds of validation do you use to prevent logic failures?
  • What would you like to do with filters that you can’t do today? Examples encouraged.

As usual, we’ll be meeting at the lovely downtown offices of Jive Software in Portland. We are looking forward to meeting you and talking shop about DITA!

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About melanie.jennings

I work at Jive Software with Marya DeVoto and Leona Campbell, using DITA. We have 1500+ topics and a variety of user audiences, versions, and platforms. We support DITA ourselves, so I'm happy to be part of PDX DITA for troubleshooting support and to see what interesting things others are doing with DITA in their organizations.

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