Looking for Presenters for the January Meeting of PDXDITA

We’d love to hear how you are using DITA at your workplace and any current challenges you’re facing. Or maybe you’ve used DITA in an interesting way that others might find useful. Some potential ideas:

  • Are you using the new toolkit? Has the transition from old to new caused any problems you solved?
  • Are you using filtered builds with the new toolkit? Were there any roadblocks or challenges?
  • Are other departments using DITA? What are your use cases and how did you go about getting adoption for DITA?
  • Are you doing something unique with DITA?
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About melanie.jennings

I work at Jive Software with Marya DeVoto and Leona Campbell, using DITA. We have 1500+ topics and a variety of user audiences, versions, and platforms. We support DITA ourselves, so I'm happy to be part of PDX DITA for troubleshooting support and to see what interesting things others are doing with DITA in their organizations.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Presenters for the January Meeting of PDXDITA

  1. I’m the co-founder of Codex Systems, which develops Codex, a simplified DITA editor for non-technical authors. If your group would be interested in learning more about Codex and simplified DITA, then I would welcome the opportunity to give a Web presentation and demo at one of your upcoming meetings. This would also be a chance for your group to provide us with feedback and help direct future development of Codex to better suite their requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Adam Kozyniak

    • Hi Adam,

      Sorry for slow response. We definitely aren’t inclined to bar vendors from being members, but we have an informal policy against people selling stuff at meetings so it’s kind of a fine line. And we haven’t had any non-vendor presentations, so I am inclined to say that a product demo is not the right foot to start off on. If you’d like to show up and talk on a level with other group members, with full disclosure that you sell a product, I think that’s probably fine. Does that sound fair?

  2. Hi Marya,

    Sorry for the even slower response. I didn’t realize you had responded to my post. I totally understand you reluctance to have vendor demos. Instead of me talking about Codex, I’d be equally happy leading a discussion of the current DITA editor landscape and hearing about your member’s challenges with their DITA editors (especially about spreading the use of DITA beyond the technical writing dept.). Would that be of interest to your group?


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