March Presentation: Keith Schengili-Roberts on the State of DITA

We’re very excited to be able to feature a remote presentation on “The State of DITA 2015” at our March meeting (see the sidebar on our main page for time, date, and location details). In-person attendees will gather for dinner as usual at 6:30, with the presentation starting at 6:45. If you want to attend remotely, please drop a line to

Keith Schengili-Roberts, DITA Information Architect for IXIASOFT and the writer behind the popular “” blog, has been doing extensive research on who is using DITA, where they are using it, what tools they are using and why. He has surveyed the technical writing marketplace in the United States and the role that DITA skills and experience have come to play in it. If you want to get a better sense as to who is using DITA, what software tools are popular and the many ways in which DITA is being used worldwide, come to this presentation!

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