Your Year in DITA (come tell us about it. . .)

Props to Josh from NetApp for last meeting’s amazing breakdown of ant build errors during PDF generation. Wow, we learned a ton, which always makes us want to learn more, of course, so…

In the spirit of the holidays and all those Year in Review, Best of 2012, and other such recaps, we thought it would be fun to hear about your year in DITA. In other words, what did you or your team do with DITA in 2012? Maybe you were just getting started and had to convert several kajillion Frame files. Maybe you got a new content management system that presented all kinds of challenges. Maybe you did something kinda neat with DITA that others could learn from. Let’s do a simple roundtable and hear a little bit from each person. Sound good?

And even more in the spirit, Marya and I will bring some mulled cider and a roast chicken to share. If you want to bring something, awesome, but don’t feel obligated, just come!

Hope to see you! Meeting location and other details are in the right sidebar.

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I work at Jive Software with Marya DeVoto and Leona Campbell, using DITA. We have 1500+ topics and a variety of user audiences, versions, and platforms. We support DITA ourselves, so I'm happy to be part of PDX DITA for troubleshooting support and to see what interesting things others are doing with DITA in their organizations.

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