DITA-Related Job at Intel

This just in from Benjamin (@WealthOfIdeas). Thank you, Benjamin!


XML/DITA Expert Technical Writer – 708117


The XML/DITA Expert Technical Writer will help conceive, design, and implement documentation for multiple outputs using a single source XML based system. This person will partner with Documentation toolsmiths, writers, developers, and third party vendors to establish an information architecture documentation and implement it in the Mobile Communications Group. This includes converting existing content to a DITA-compliant system using SDL Trisoft, training users on XMetaL, managing meta data and document maps, and working with a vendor to deliver DITA compliant content to a dynamic web based delivery system.


Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree in English, Technical Writing, Technical Communications, and Engineering.

Minimum Requirements:
5+ years experience in technical writing, 1+ years managing content for a product, 1+ years of experience working in an XML environment.
– Good understanding of information architecture/information modeling concepts and procedures and familiarity with BUs content – with ability to undertake a BU content audit to define BU content models.
– Good understanding of graphics file types and their appropriate uses.
= Good understanding of Technical Writing principals, including planning, project management, editing and publishing.

Preferred Requirements:
The XML/DITA Expert Technical Writer is an essential role for every program.
The ideal candidate should have the following skills:
Solid understanding of XML, Schemas, and DTDs (creating and editing)
Solid understanding of topic-based authoring and information mapping concepts as they relate to DITA.
Solid understanding of the DITA standard, with knowledge of how the DITA DTDs should be customized and deployed (i.e., specializations, constraints, DITA-OT plug-in creation).
Solid understanding of the DITA Open Toolkit with knowledge of how to customize it (i.e., DITA-OT plug-in creation) to enable new transformation types.
Solid understanding of XPath and XSL (both XSLT and XSL-FO)
Ability to identify and implement corporate trademarking and branding requirements in DITA-OT outputs (PDF, HTML, CHM) using XSL.
Familiarity with ANT build file creation and modification.
Familiarity with XML validators (e.g., Xerces) and XSL processors (e.g., Xalan, Saxon).
Familiarity with XML authoring tools (such as XMetaL and FrameMaker) and ability to customize configuration files (i.e., CSS, CTM and other XMetaL configuration files; read/write rules, structapps files, templates, EDDs and other FrameMaker configuration files)
Familiarity with SDL Trisoft, including file repository structure and access control, Publication Manager and Condition Manager clients, and the Web Client.

Apply at http://www.intel.com

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