Quarterly Meeting with Bonus Puppet Migration Talk

At our last meeting during the DITA Adoption Committee listening session, Puppet representatives shared some early details from their ongoing DITA migration¬†project. During our meeting on the 28th of June, they’ll be presenting on “What We’re Learning: Midway Through Puppet’s DITA Migration.”

From Michelle Fredette, Puppet’s documentation manager:

Puppet writers talk about their migration from markdown files stored in GitHub and published to a static site, to DITA files managed in easyDITA and published to the company’s Drupal site. We’ll talk about the long slow march and decisions we’ve made to convert hundreds of files, design our architecture, train the team, and create a new publishing pipeline.

Food and chatter start at 5:45 at Puppet’s offices¬†(308 SW 2nd Ave, Portland), with the presentation starting at 6:00. This will also be our quarterly meeting.

To RSVP, please email maryaed@gmail.com.

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